Departmental Activities

Sl. No Event Title Event Theme Date & Duration (Days) Report Link*
1 IoT & Real Time Applications Workshop 24/06/2024 to 26/06/2024 Link
2 4 Days workshop on “From Sensor to Screen: The Rise of React Native in the IoT Revolution” Workshop 30.01.2024 – 02.02.2024 Link
3 INFOX-2024 Technical fest 25.01.2024 Link
4 Basic computer literacy and AI tools in education School Visit - IIC 25.01.2024 Link
5 Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a career Seminar 12.01.2024 Link
6 Entrepreneur’s success stories Seminar 10.11.2023 Link
7 Personality Development, Grooming Seminar 08.11.2023 Link
8 National conference on Engineering Innovation in Emerging Technologies-2023 Conference 27th and 28th July 2023 Link
9 Expert Talk on “Accelerate Next-Gen Industry 4.0” Seminar 23 July 2023 Link
10 Webinar on “Inspiring changes with data visualization and case studies using R” Webinar 23rd Jan 2023 Link
11 Webinar on “Industrial IoT and Smart Manufacturing” Webinar 3rd Jan 2023 Link
12 Workshop “Apache Ambari” Workshop 5th Dec 2022 To 9th Dec 2022 Link
13 Handson Session on “Programming in AI & ML using python” Workshop 24th Nov to 26th Nov 2022 Link
14 Webinar on “Information Retrieval using machine learning” webinar 22nd Oct 2022 Link
15 Workshop On "AWS Cloud Training" Workshop 1st Sept 2022 To 13th Sept 2022 Link
16 Clean Campus Drive ECO-Club Activity 14-10-2022 Link
17 IoT Club: Awareness Session on IOT Certification IOT-Club Activity 8-02-2023 Link
18 ECO-Club: A green planet is a happy clean planet Day ECO-Club Event 24-03-2023 Link
19 Foundation Course on Internet of Things IOT-Club Activity 11-04-2023 Link
20 IoT TECH EXPO-2K23 IOT-Club Activity 26-05-2023 Link
21 World Environmental Day Eco-Club Activity 05-06-2023 Link
22 Go Green Day Eco-Club Activity 06-06-2023 Link
23 International Yoga Day Yoga-Club Activity 21-06-2023 Link
24 Tree Plantation Drive ECO-Club Activity 25-06-2023 Link
25 The Coding and Decoding Coding Club Activity 24-08-2023 Link
26 Teachers Day ECO-Club Activity 05-09-2023 Link
2 World ozone day: Tree Plantation at the college campus ECO-Club Activity 16-09-2023 Link
28 International Yoga Day Club Activity 21st June 2022 Link
29 Webinar On IOT And Data Center, Impact , Requirements And Infrastructure Webinar 24th May 2022 Link
30 Seven days National Level Virtual FDP on “Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning FDP 26th march 2022 to 1st Apr 2022 Link
31 Webinar On "Happy And Healthy International Women' Day" Webinar 08th March 2022 Link
32 Webinar On "HOW TO BECOME UI/UX DESIGNER" Webinar 4th Feb 2022 Link
33 Debate Competition On National Science Day 2022: Integrated Approach In Science And Technology For Sustainable Future. Club Activity 3rd Feb 2022 Link
34 Webinar On "Data Analytics: Entrepreneurial Opportunities" Webinar 2nd Feb 2022 Link
35 Webinar On "Project Management Methodologies" Webinar 18th Jan 2022 Link
36 Workshop On "Database And SQL Tuning" Workshop 1st Dec 2021 To 3rd Dec 2021 Link
37 Webinar On "Crafting A Longlasting Career Path-22" Webinar 4th Nov 2021 Link
38 Webinar on "Introduction to Machine Learning Course and Certification Webinar 3rd Sept 2021 Link
39 Webinar on “Biomedical Engineering” Webinar 8th Aug 2021 Link
40 Project 2K21 EXPO, Mind Maps creative thinking with explored ideas Club Activity 6th Aug 2021 Link
41 National Conference On Engineering Innovations In Emerging Technologies Conference Conference 19th & 20th July 2021 Link
42 Webinar on "Cyber forensics and information security" Webinar 19th July 2021 Link
43 Webinar on "Testing Strategies for Security Threats" Webinar 25th May 2021 Link
44 Webinar on "IOT and its Impact" Webinar 17th Nov 2020 Link
45 Webinar on "Block chain Application Development using Hyper ledger" Webinar 30th July 2020 Link
46 Webinar on "Rock your profile" Webinar 24th July 2020 Link
47 Webinar on "AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials" Webinar 15th July 2020 Link
48 Webinar on "Big Data Architecture Ecosystem" Webinar 11th July 2020 Link
49 Webinar on "Migration to cloud-why and how-20" Webinar 14th June 2019 Link
50 Two day Workshop on "Java Frames and PHP" Workshop 21st March and 22nd March 2019. Link
51 Two day workshop on "Cloud Virtualization and File Organization" Workshop 28th Feb to 1st March 2019. Link
52 Three Days FDP program on Data Science and IOT FDP 29th Jan 2019 to 31st Jan 2019 Link
53 One day workshop on "Cloud Security in Cloud Computing" Workshop 27th October 2018. Link

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