The Examination Cell, under the leadership of the CONTROLLER OF EXAMINER (COE), is a pivotal entity responsible for overseeing the examination and evaluation processes within the institution. Its primary function is to ensure the smooth conduct of examinations and the fair assessment of students' performance. This role is particularly crucial where academic standards are maintained effectively. In this regard exam cell, COE along with supporting staff plays an important role in conduction of Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE) and Semester End Examination(SEE) of all departments in the institution.

Key responsibilities of the Examination Cell include:

  • Examination cell serves all examination notices received from University to all concerned.
  • Examination cell prepares circulars for students regarding exam fee collection, modalities of fine...Etc.
  • Examination Cell takes all precautions while preparing internal examination time tables, invigilation duties, seating plan for the students in the examination halls and smooth conduction of exams.
  • Examination Cell staff collects marks memos of various examinations from the university and they distribute them to the students.
  • Examination cell analyzes all examination results and in consultation with principal, prepares the report.
  • Examination cell keeps all records pertaining to examinations.
  • Examination cell staff addresses grievances of students on all examination related issues.

ExamCell Members

1 Prof. Anandhi. G Controller of Examination coe.epcet@eastpoint.ac.in
2 Prof. K Vasavi Deputy Controller of Examination vasavik.eee@eastpoint.ac.in
3 Mrs. Mamatha Rani Office Assistant
4 Mrs Riju Office Assistant
5 Mr Muniyellappa Helper

EXAM CELL :- Email-id- examcontrol@eastpoint.ac.in

Scheme & Syllabus


Result Details for the Passed-Out Batches (% of 8th sem students who graduated)

CV CSE ECE ISE ME Average Result
2018-19 90.45 93.9 98.75 100 94.2 95.46
2019-20 92.13 96.7 98.8 93.94 91.2 94.554
2020-21 90.47 96.1 97.7 95.56 85.3 93.026
2021-22 92.3 94.3 87 94.74 88 91.268
2022-23 85 91 91.5 93.2 90 90.14
2023-24 100 100 94 96 100 98


Sl.No. Name of the Student USN Department Rank
1 Jitendra Kumar Soni 1EP20MPD003 Mechanical Engineering 1st Rank-Gold Medal
2 DIVYA N 1EP20CCT06 Civil Engineering 2nd Rank
3 ABHIJEET KUMAR GAUTAM 1EP20CCT02 Civil Engineering 3rd Rank
4 DEEPIKA SV 1EP20CCT05 Civil Engineering 4th Rank
5 Vasanth R 1EP17ME052 Mechanical Engineering 26th-Rank
6 Mousam Kumari 1EP17ME029 Mechanical Engineering 76th-Rank
7 Evita Coehlo 1EP10SSE06 Computer Science & Engineering 1st Rank
8 Priyamvada Singh 1EP09LVS14 Computer Science & Engineering 1st Rank
9 Aruna M 1EP09LVS03 Electronics & Communication Engineering 2nd Rank

Graduation Day

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