1 Dr Mrityunjaya V Latte Principal, EPCET Chairperson-IQAC
2 Dr T K Thivakaran Dean, IQAC Dean-IQAC
3 Dr G Maruthi Prof & Head, Physics Dept Administrator
4 Dr Mani Mozhi Prof & Head, CSE Dept Member
5 Prof Kemparaju Prof & Head, ISE Dept Member
6 Dr Yogesh G S Prof & Head, ECE Dept Member
7 Dr Anandh R Prof & Head, AI&DS Dept Member
8 Dr Nandha Ashwin Prof & Head, IOT Dept Member
9 Dr Manjunatha M Prof & Head, BS Dept Member
10 Dr Nagaraj Sitaram Prof & Head, CV Dept Member
11 Dr Sahadev G Prof & Head, ME Dept Member
12 Dr Heena Kousar Associate Prof, CSE Dept Member
13 Prof Indumathi S Assistant Prof, ISE Dept Member
14 Dr Chandrappa D N Associate Prof, ECE Dept Member
15 Prof Vansika Rastogi Assistant Prof, AI & DS Dept Member
16 Prof Purushotham Assistant Prof, IOT Dept Member
17 Prof Gayathri V Assistant Prof, BS Dept Member
18 Prof Barnali Ghosh Assistant Prof, CV Dept Member
19 Prof Anjan Babu Assistant Prof, ME Dept Member
20 Mr Ramesh Office Superintendent Administrator Officer
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