Today when we talk about Education, it is not only studies, it is the overall development of a student. By the time a student goes out of the college he/she should be a complete person ready to face the challenges of the world.

Students are fundamental stake holders and pillars of any institution. Hence, the main objective of the Student Welfare Director is to provide a congenial learning environment to all the students, and also provide them with necessary guidance, and counsel them whenever required irrespective of the place they come from. The prime motto is to help the students in their upbringing and take care of them within the Campus. Students welfare officer’s, office is one window that is open for all students to make their journey smooth, bring out inquisitiveness, passion and thirst for acquiring knowledge.

I appeal to all the students to join our ventures as part of EPGI’s as it reflects the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, aptitude and above all, right attitude that enhances each student’s ability to produce better results. I wish that each one of you grow from strength to strength to touch the lives of many people in our society to become responsible citizens. I wish you all the best of learning that each one of you deserves through the endless nurturing environment that EPGI offers.



Maj CU Monnappa(Retd)

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