In- house Laboratories


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Laboratory

The objective of the Machine Learning Laboratory is to provide a comprehensive introduction to various machine learning algorithms. This course will enable the students to design and implement machine learning solutions to classification, regression, and clustering problems as well as to evaluate and interpret the results of the algorithms.


Data Structures Laboratory

In this lab, the students will learn to implement a simple version of some data structures, namely arrays, stacks, queues, and linked lists, and use them to implement a simple sorting algorithm. This exercise will help the students to explore the effect of data structures on the complexity of the algorithm and also understand the details involved in creating data structures from scratch.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory

The major objective of this lab is to learn how to analyze a problem and design a solution for the problem. In addition to that solution using optimum parameters such as time complexity and least memory usage


Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory

The major objective of this lab is to learn analog and digital circuits. This enhances the learning of circuits like oscillators, multivibrators, multiplexers, flip flops, DAC, etc. by practical use and by simulation. The students also learn how to measure the period and frequency of an AC waveform, peak to peak voltage, and instantaneous voltage from the oscilloscope readings.


Microcontroller and Embedded System Laboratory

The major objective of this lab is to understand the internal organization of INTEL 8086 Microprocessors and Assembly Language. The students will be working on programs using the instruction sets of processors and study the interfacing of the processor with various peripheral devices.

Database Management System Laboratory

The major objective of this lab is to provide a strong formal foundation in database concepts, technology, and practice to the students and groom them into well-informed database application developers. The course is designed with a balanced blend of concepts, technology, and practice and boosts the holistic learning experience for the students.


File Structures Laboratory

To design, develop and implement C++ programs using Standard input/output specifications, Methods, Indexing, Merging, and Resolution Techniques.

Web Programming Laboratory

The Web programming subject gives an overview of how the web works, as well as a description of many of the most widely used web technologies. The challenge for the students in this course is to learn to use several different programming languages and technologies in one semester. Students build a static website using only XHTML as the first program, along with the study of object oriented programming. Write a valid standards-conformant HTML document involving a variety of element types, including hyperlinks, images, lists, tables, and forms


Project Laboratory

The project laboratory of the department offers the students, the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art environment where students become proficient in creative skills needed in the field of Information Science and Engineering. The Project Laboratory has a key role in promoting practical learning experience, where students develop creative proposals, and execute their final projects.

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