At East Point Group of Institutions, academic excellence has always been one of the focus areas. All the constituent colleges in the group are affiliated to different Universities and are therefore bound by the curriculum and regulations set forth by them. However, this hasn’t prevented us from going beyond the prescribed curriculum to add value to our students. We conduct a lot of value-added professional training programs, run industry-oriented certification programs, encourage our students to take up online MOOC courses like NPTEL, Coursera, undertake Internships, do mini-projects, etc.

The entire academic process is well-defined, finely executed and closely monitored to achieve the intended learning outcomes. Continuous improvement in our processes, based on feedback and analysis is one of the hallmarks that sets us apart from others.

Wishing the best to all our existing and future students.

Dean Academics

Prof. Ashok Herur

Director - Academics

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