Value Added Courses

Value-Added Courses at East Point College of Engineering and Technology

East Point College of Engineering and Technology offers a diverse range of value-added courses designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge essential for the modern workforce. These courses cover various domains such as data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, structural engineering, IoT, and more, aiming to provide both theoretical foundations and practical experiences.

Sl.No Name of the Value- Added Course
1 Basics of Data Science
2 Hand on Training Programme on E-TABS
3 Business Intelligence in OLAP
4 Deep Learning Techniques in Cybersecurity
6 Integrated Multi-Device Control System Using IoT
7 Integrated Circuits Design Using Microwind
8 Apache Ambari
9 AWS Cloud Training
10 Robotics Process Automation
11 New Age Materials and Technologies
12 Power BI
13 Revit and Green Studio
14 Hands on Training on STAAD Pro
15 Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity in Cloud Computing
16 Node.js and Angular JS for Web Development
17 Intelligent Embedded Systems: Design and PCB Development
18 Drone Mastering on its Components
19 Workshop on SQL Tuning
20 Web Technology & Industry Insights
21 Hands on Training Programme on Q - GIS
22 Optimizing Operations with RPA Technology
23 DevOps Essentials
24 Advanced LINUX System Administration
25 Blockchain
26 Tinker CAD Tool for UAV application
27 Virtual Workshop on Migration Cloud, Why and How Schedule
28 Virtual Workshop on Testing Strategies for Security threats
29 Recent Trends in Quality Management
30 Automobile Safety Systems
31 Hands on Training Programme on 3D Auto CAD
32 Salesforce - Admin for Beginners
33 Quantum Computing Advances
34 Building Logic Circuits using Verilog
35 Additive Manufacturing using 3D Printing Technology
36 Big Data Architecture & It’s Ecosystem
37 Virtual Workshop on AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
38 Sustainable Construction Practices
39 Grid Computing
40 Enhancing Real-Time Analytics with Edge Computing
41 Introduction to IOT and its Applications
42 Embedded C Programming
43 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and SCADA
44 Workshop on Java Frames and PHP
45 Workshop on Security in Cloud Computing

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