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Institute Industry Integrated Learning Program (IILP)

The Institute Industry Integrated Learning Program (IILP) programs equip students with practical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace, such as technical abilities, software proficiency, and industry specific knowledge. The institution has consciously put efforts in encouraging and adopting innovation in Teaching and Learning processes through discussions, group work, laboratory work, workshops, assignments, projects etc. to improve students’ academic performances. Implementing software skill development programs in colleges significantly enhance student’s technical capabilities and prepare them for the competitive job market. This will help the students to choose specialization tracks based on their interests and career goals, such as web development, game development, or enterprise software.

Objectives of Program

  • To ensure students are proficient in the use of various software tools and platforms relevant to their field of study
  • Include real-world scenarios and projects that require the application of software skills to solve practical problems
  • Prepare students for industry-recognized certifications that can enhance their employability.
  • To produce graduates who are technically skilled, innovative, adaptable, and ready to meet the challenges of the modern technology-driven world.

Students at EPCET have the option of equipping themselves with additional skills by taking up certification through Institute Industry Integrated Learning Program (IILP) programs. Faculty are encouraged to obtain certifications in various expert domains and subsequently provide training to students in software skill courses is a strategic approach to enhance the quality of education and better prepare students for the demands of the job market. Certifications from organizations such as Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, and other reputable bodies. The certificate programs enable them to enrich their capability and enhance their employability

Activities Conducted

  1. Boot Camp

    College has conducted a Bootcamp for identifying the Talent DNA from EPCET 6th Semester Students (All branches) in association with Pratian Technologies.
    The Pratian Bootcamp provided participants with a comprehensive learning experience over a span of 16 days. This immersive program included several key components designed to enhance both technical and soft skills essential for the software development industry. It was designed to provide participants with comprehensive training in various aspects of software development, project management, and communication skills with two rounds of assessment: Coding and Pitch Day

    • Coding Assessment: Participants underwent a coding assessment that emphasized peer code review. This process allowed them to showcase their coding skills and gain valuable insights from their peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment and improving their ability to write clean, efficient code.
    • Pitch Day: Teams had the opportunity to present their ideas during Pitch Day. This event was crucial for developing their communication skills, as they needed to articulate their concepts clearly and persuasively to an audience. It also helped participants practice public speaking and refine their presentation techniques.

  2. Certification Programs

Faculties Associated with different training Programs


Skill Development Programs:

Sl.No. Certification Course 2021 - 2022 2020 - 2021 2019 - 2020
No. of Students enrolled No. of Students completed No. of Students enrolled No. of Students completed No. of Students enrolled No. of Students completed
1 AWS 80 - 75 71 50 46
2 VMWare 55 - 50 43 30 24
3 Google Cloud 402 221 60 57 - -
4 Ui Path 84 - 70 70 40 40
5 Salesforce 75 35 60 55 50 47
6 CISCO CCNA V7 50 - 60 55 50 43
7 Microsoft - Cybersecurity 14 9 (Microsoft Certified) - - - -
8 CISCO Cybersecurity 42 36 (CISCO Certified) - - - -



Outcome of the Industry Institute Integrated Learning Program (IIILP) at EPCET

The IIILP at EPCET has significantly enhanced students' technical and employability skills through practical activities and industry-specific training.

Key Achievements:

  1. Boot Camp Initiative:
    • Coding Assessment: Improved coding abilities and fostered collaborative learning through peer reviews.
    • Pitch Day: Enhanced communication skills and presentation techniques.
  2. Certifications:
    • In 2020, 10 students earned AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications, and 3 obtained Salesforce certifications.
    • In 2022, two students completed the Salesforce Developer Virtual Internship.

Program Objectives Achieved:

  • Software Proficiency: Students gained expertise in various software tools relevant to their careers.
  • Real-World Problem Solving: Practical projects prepared students to tackle industry challenges.
  • Industry Certifications: Enhanced employability with certifications from organizations like AWS and Salesforce.
  • Skill Development: Produced graduates who are technically skilled, innovative, and adaptable.

Overall, the IIILP at EPCET has effectively bridged the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements, preparing students for successful technology careers.

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