The IEEE Student Branch provides opportunities to meet and learn from fellow IEEE Student and Graduate Student Members and engage with professional IEEE members locally as well as globally. An active IEEE Student Branch can be one of the most positive elements of the institute’s academic programs, activities and professional networking opportunities that build critical skills outside of the classroom.


  1. An IEEE Student Branch gives students a community of peers, and a connection to faculty and industry professionals who drive innovation and excellence in countless technical fields.
  2. Student involvement in Branch activities, whether special projects, social and technical meetings, outreach programs, conferences, local section or regional etc. can help develop a record of accomplishment and capabilities beyond the norm.


Faculty Members:

East Point IEEE SB Mentor: Dr Yogesh G S, Vice Principal and HOD ECE

EPISB Counsellor: Prof. Kiran Kumar K, Assistant Professor, ECE

Sl. No Name Department
1 Dr. Vanshika Rastogi AI & DS
2 Prof. Srinivas Y C Basic Science
3 Prof. Sharath Babu Khedagi Civil Engineering
4 Prof. Sree Lakshmi Computer Science & Engineering
5 Prof. Kiran Kumar K Electronics & Communication Engineering
6 Prof. Neelima Sahu Information Science & Engineering
7 Prof. Jayprakash Malviya CSE-Internet of Things
8 Prof. Jayasheel I Harti Mechanical Engineering
Student Members:

Sudhansu S- President
Akash Pandith B-Vice President
Siddalingaswamy D M- Treasurer
Nikhil M C- Secretry


  • Students will get connection to local professionals, academics and the IEEE organization at large.
  • Being an IEEE Student member has its perks. They can have access to funds including travel grants, scholarships, awards.
  • IEEE hosts events all year and all around the globe on contemporary topics.
  • IEEE Students hosts competitions that offer students the opportunity to develop professionally and technically.
  • IEEE members share their expertise with IEEE Students in the interest of the students upward mobility within their chosen field.
  • Educational tools are also available to IEEE Student members in many forms including online resources.
  • Young Professionals is the next step after IEEE Students and will be there when you’re ready to transition from student to professional.


Sl. No Event Title Event Theme Date & Duration (Days)
1 From School to Strat Ups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate National technology Day 11.05.2024
2 5G Future Technology in India Tech Talk 01.05.2024
3 Exploration of Sensors and Actuators technology-An Insight Tech Talk 16.03.2024
4 Mini Project Exhibition Project Exhibiton 07.03.2024
5 Simulation Slamdown Technical competition 02.02.2024
6 Role of Electronics in the Rapidly Evolving field of Electric vehicles Tech Talk 27.01.2024
7 5 Days Hands - On Workshop on Arduino UNO & PCB Workshop 24.01.2024
8 Process pf Innovation Development and Technology Readiness Level (TRL)" &"Commercialisation of Lab Technologies and Tech-Transfer". Tech Talk 20.01.2024
9 ART Competition Competition 19.01.2024
10 Cooking Without Fire Competition 13.01.2024
11 One Day Workshop on IOT and its Applications Workshop 04.01.2024
12 AIKYA 2023 Technical Fest 8th Dec 2023
13 Tech Visionz General Quiz Competition 11th August 2023
14 Interconnect & Interface Webinar 21st April 2023
15 IIILP Salesforce Webinar 3rd May 2023
16 “Development of Entrepreneurship Mindset among Students” Expert Talk 23rd May 2023
17 Data Engineering Expert Talk 27th May 2023
18 Analog and Signal Processing Using NI LabVIEW Workshop 16th to 21 Feb 2023
19 AIKYA 2022 Technical Fest 12th December 2022
20 Real Time Data processing Using LabVIEW” Workshop 26th May 2022
21 AIKYA 2021 Technical Fest 28th December 2021
22 System On Chip Protocol Technical Talk 4th September 2021
23 Expert session on Awareness and job opportunities in semiconductor industries Technical Talk 4th December 2021
24 "Research Challenges In Free Space Optical Commubication webinar 21st May 2021
25 International Webinar on Cyber Safety webinar 2nd July 2021
26 webinar on “Emerging Sensor Technology of Millimeter Wave Radar for Civil and Military Applications webinar 10th July 2021
27 Advances in Planar Antenna Design using CST Microwave Studio webinar 11th December 2020
28 JAVA based Career awareness program webinar 04th February 2020
29 AIKYA 2020 Technical Fest 27th November 2020
30 IEEE Virtual Talk Series on “Research-based Learning for Development of Employability skills in Young Minds” Technical Talk 23rd June 2020
31 webinar on “Introducing AI that is all around us Webinar 6th July 2020
32 3D printing WORKSHOP 2nd Spetember 2019
33 AIKYA 2019 Technical Fest 8th November 2019
34 PCB AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS WORKSHOP 21st & 22nd February 2019
35 AIKYA2018 Technical Fest 2nd November 2018

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