Vision :

The East Point College of Engineering and Technology aspires to be a globally acclaimed institution, recognized for excellence in engineering education, applied research, and nurturing students for holistic development.

Mission :

M1: To create Engineering graduates through quality education and to nurture innovation, creativity and excellence in teaching, learning and research.

M2: To serve the technical, scientific, economic and societal developmental needs of our communities.

M3: To induce integrity, teamwork, critical thinking, personality development, and ethics in students and to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Objectives :

  1. To disseminate knowledge and skills through instructions, teaching, training, seminars, workshops, and symposia in Engineering and Technology and to equip students and scholars to meet the needs of industries, businesses, and society for its scientific, technological, and economic growth.

  2. To generate knowledge in Engineering and Technology through research to meet the challenges that arise in industry, business, and society.

  3. To train delegates on emotional, intellectual, societal, physical, environmental, economic, and spiritual dimensions.

  4. To provide technical and scientific solutions to real-life problems posed by industry, business, and society in Engineering and Technology.

  5. To instill the spirit of entrepreneurship in our youth to help create more career opportunities in the society by incubating and nurturing technology product ideas and supporting technology backed business.

  6. To identify and nurture leadership skills in students and help in the development of our future leaders to enrich the society we live in.

  7. To develop a partnership with universities, industries, businesses, research establishments, NGOs, international organizations, governmental organizations in India and abroad to enrich the experiences of faculties and students through research and developmental programs.

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