During the last 2 decades, we have experienced revolutionary changes in the ICT and this has changed the way we interact with each other and the whole globe has become a village in the real sense. Industry 4.0 has replaced traditional sustainable technologies with disruptive technologies. AI, Data Sciences, Virtual and Augmented reality, and Cloud computing are facilitating the navigation and control of autonomous vehicles. Digital technologies are threatening to disrupt traditional teaching and learning. There are many online universities offering degrees, learning anywhere and anytime is the buzzword today. The knowledge eruption is happening in almost all sectors, the job profiles are changing from traditional to new ones which were unheard earlier. The new generation of students look for picking up knowledge and skills in whatever sector that interests them and also they would like to learn the required skills in the shortest possible time and take up the opportunity. The students would like to learn from the best and accumulate credits from various universities for the award of the degree. There is a great challenge for the traditional university system to meet these dynamic changes and thus there is a need for new models in education and new programs in education.


Mr. Rajiv Gowda

East Point Group has been in the traditional mode for the last 20 years and it is the time that we move on with time. We would like to bring in new education models and programs through our own University.

I hope you agree with my viewpoint. You have been supporting us for the last 20 plus years and I am sure that you would continue to support us in the future too.

I thank all the stakeholders-students, parents, faculty members, recruiters, government, alumni for their continuous support and encouragement.

Pre Qualifier Submitted


Planning to submit the application