Value Added Programs

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The Training provides students with the expertise and knowledge required to effectively understand AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, architecture, security, pricing, and support. The course comprises presentations, exercises, and hands-on labs.
We provide training through trainers and self-paced videos-based UiPath training.
You will learn how to develop basic and complex RPA automation throughout the practical UiPath training. The course comprises exercises, and hands-on lab sessions to get certified.
Salesforce is the customer company. We make cloud-based software designed to help businesses connect to their customers in a whole new way, so they can find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.
VMware Learning provides training and certification programs to grow your skills and leverage opportunities available with VMware solutions. VMware is the globally leading virtualization & cloud infrastructure in the IT industry. We help students to learn the concepts of cloud-virtualization, Software-defined storage & Network virtualization. After completion of these three courses, the students will be credited with Digital badges & will be encouraged to share badges in social media. VMware seeks to create a collaborative relationship with academic institutions whereby the students may obtain the VMware certified Associate and Advanced professional which could enable employment in firms seeking skilled workers in virtualization and cloud computing. VMware build Hands-on-lab, this helps students to gain proficiency in VMware tools, deploying guest OS, ESXI Operating system, building VMFS partitions. So, that the students can acquire all these challenging skills in earning VMware certification.IDEO
Oracle Academy: contributes to the growth of a skilled and competitive workforce in the field of information technology. and provide students with Industry-Relevant Skills, Career Advancement, Certifications Hands-On Learning: allowing students to apply what they learn in a practical context. This enhances their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Students gain access to a wealth of educational resources, including software tools, curriculum materials, and online forums for support and collaboration, Global Network, Participation in Oracle Academy programs fosters personal development by encouraging self-directed learning, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to new technologies and challenges.
CISCO Networking Academy
EPCET partners with CISCO Networking Academy-a global IT, Networking and Cyber Security education program to deliver the skillful contents to empower all aspirants (stakeholders) with career opportunities. It is CISCO’s largest and longest running Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Program. These courses are designed to provide a workforce ready with specialization in domains like Cybersecurity, Networking and IT. The students of Information Science & Engineering are motivated to take up the Unique Program ``Cybersecurity” along with other Cisco partnered Certification Courses which will give them an upper hand in grabbing the opportunities. From this program students would gain relevant experience and build skills to match the industry requirement.

Value Added Course Content

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Course AWS Cloud Practitioner Associate Company AWS
Course Coordinator Indumathi S
Rebecca Sandra Paul
Course Duration/Total Hours 35 Hrs
Course Objectives:
  1. To learn and understand basics and working definitions of AWS.
  2. To describe and provide an example of the core AWS services, including compute, network, database, and storage services.
  3. To understand the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
Module-1 Cloud Computing Overview 2 Hrs
Module-2 Cloud Economics and Billing 2 Hrs
Module-3 AWS Global Infrastructure and overview 2 Hrs
Module-4 AWS Cloud Security 2 Hrs
Module-5 Networking and Content Delivery 2 Hrs
Module-6 Compute 3 Hrs
Module-7 Storage 3 Hrs
Module-8 Database 3 Hrs
Module-9 Cloud Architecture 3 Hrs
Module-10 Auto Scaling and Monitoring 3 Hrs
Course Outcomes:

CO-1 Understanding the Basic Knowledge, fundamentals, definition and benefits of AWS and deployment options to meet business requirements
CO-2 Identify the Basic Global infrastructure of the AWS Cloud
CO-3 Designing the solutions using core AWS services including Compute, Network, Database, Security and Storage

RPA Value Added Course

Course RPA Associate Company Ui-Path
Course Coordinator Prof. Pavan Mulgund Course Duration/Total Hours 25 Hrs.
Course Objectives:
  1. To understand Basic Programming concepts and the underlying logic/structure .
  2. To Describe RPA, where it can be applied and how its implemented.
  3. To Describe the different types of variables, Control Flow and data manipulation techniques.
Module-1 Meet the Ui-Path Platform, Build your First Process with Studio 2 Hrs
Module-2 A day in the Life of an RPA developer, Variables and Arguments 2 Hrs
Module-3 Control flow in Studio, Data Tables and Excel Automation 5 Hrs
Module-4 Data Manipulation with List and dictionaries, Selectors in Studio, Descriptors in studio 6 Hrs
Module-5 Debugging, error and exception handling in Studio 6 Hrs
Module-6 Email and PDF automation with studio 4 Hrs
Course Outcomes:

CO-1 Recognizes the fundamental ideas behind RPA. Describe the various domains; needs for RPA technologies in the industry
CO-2 Describe the various RPA programming constructs through practical exercises
CO-3 Understand the fundamental concepts in UiPath Studio like array, list, dictionary, selectors, and descriptors through practical sessions.

VMware Value Added Course

Course VMware Associate Company VMware IT Academy
Course Coordinator Prof. Netra S N Course Duration/Total Hours 25 Hrs
Course Objectives:
  1. To understand the basic concepts of cloud virtualization, data centers and Network virtualization
  2. To understand the fundamentals of VMware ESXi and related technologies
  3. Understand how the virtualization technology works by experiencing Hands on session Lab
  4. Demonstrates knowledge and basic troubleshooting concepts of Data Center Technology
Module-1 Architecture and Technologies
Identifying how physical resources are presented to Multiple VMS,
Identifying how virtual resources is shared among multiple VMs,
Working of Type 1 & Type 2 Hypervisor.,
Identifying the characteristic of vSphere High Availability and Fault Tolerance etc.
5 Hrs
Module-2 Products and Solutions
Explanation of vSphere, Hypervisor, vCenter and so on.
5 Hrs
Module-3 Planning and Designing 3 Hrs
Module-4 Installing, Configuring and Setup.
Identifying Virtual Switch Configuration Options., Identifying how to configure Data stores, vSphere HA, VSphere DRS.
5 Hrs
Module-5 Performance Tuning, Optimization and Upgrades 2 Hrs
Module-6 Troubleshooting and repairing. 2 Hrs
Module-7 Administrative and Operational Task. 3 Hrs
Course Outcomes:

CO1: Deploy and configure VMware vCenter Server Appliance
CO2: Create virtual networks with vSphere standard switches
CO3: Create virtual networks with vSphere standard switches
CO4: Describe the storage technologies supported by vSphere

ORACLE Value Added Course

Course Oracle Associate Company Oracle Academy
Course Coordinator Dr Nanda Ashwin Course Duration/Total Hours 35 Hrs
Course Objectives:
  1. Enhance the knowledge and understanding of Database analysis and design.
  2. Acquire Knowledge to hands-on skills starting with database design, SQL, and PL/SQL through cloud-based Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle APEX
  3. Learn how to build, deploy, migrate, and manage application workloads in the cloud.
  4. Develop and complete the design and Implementation of a basic database solution using the Oracle Database Management System
Module-1 Fundamental of Database design 2 Hrs
Module-2 Database Programming with SQL 2 Hrs
Module-3 Java Fundamentals and Java Programming 2 Hrs
Module-4 Data Replication and Access Control 2 Hrs
Module-5 Cloud computing and Data storage technologies 2 Hrs
Module-6 Introduction to PL/SQL and Stored Procedures and Functions 2 Hrs
Module-7 Implement Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development 2 Hrs
Module-8 Database Connectivity and Web Technologies 2 Hrs
Module-9 The Oracle Enterprise Architectural Frame work and process 2 Hrs
Module-10 ERP Case Studies with practical Approach 2 Hrs
Course Outcomes:

CO-1 Enhance the knowledge and understanding of Database analysis and design.
CO-2 Enhance the knowledge of the processes of Database Development and Administration using SQL and PL/SQL
CO-3 Enhance Programming and Software Engineering skills and techniques using SQL and PL/SQL
CO-4 Understand the Oracle Enterprise Architectural Frame work and process.

CISCO Value Added Course

Course Coordinator Mr. Hanumant Pujar Course Duration/Total Hours 15 Hrs
Course Objectives:
  1. Describe the basic concepts of how data networks and the Internet support business communications and everyday activities
  2. Describe the layers of communications in data networks using the 7-Layer OSI and the 5-LayerTCP/IP models
  3. Describe the importance of addressing and naming schemes at the following OSI Data Link, Network and Application layers.
  4. Describe the fundamental concepts of routing that occur when a packet is forwarded from its source to its destination across multiple networks.
  5. Design, calculate, and apply subnet masks and IP addresses to meet network design requirements.
  6. Build a simple Ethernet network using routers, switches, and network hosts.
Course Outcomes:

CO1: Identification of Network Fundamentals.
CO2: Identification and configuration of LAN switching technologies.
CO3: Description, implementation and verification of IP routing technologies.
CO4: Identification and configuration of WAN technologies.
CO5: Identification and configuration of infrastructure services.
CO6: Configuration and verification of network device security.


Course Salesforce-Developer Catalyst Plus Associate Company Salesforce
Course Coordinator Prof Teena K B Course Duration/Total Hours 30 hours
Course Objectives:
  1. To understand the skills required to prepare for a job career in industry.
  2. To understand the architecture of cloud computing used in Salesforce to create more engaging marketing content and channels
  3. To understand importance and role of customers on customer relationship management (CRM) platform
Module-1 Trailhead and Trailblazer Community, Trailhead Playground Management, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Platform Basics, User Management 3 Hrs
Module-2 Data Modeling, Build a Data Model for a Recruiting App, Company-Wide Org Settings, Accounts & Contacts for Lightning Experience, Lightning Experience Customization 3 Hrs
Module-3 Customize the User Interface for a Recruiting App, Data Security, Picklist Administration, Formulas and Validations, Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App 3 Hrs
Module-4 Keep Data Secure in a Recruiting App, customize a Salesforce Object, Quick Start: Process Builder, Build a Discount Approval Process, Flow Basics 3 Hrs
Module-5 Flow Builder, build a Simple Flow, Approve Records with Approval Processes, Automate Business Processes for a Recruiting App, Lightning App Builder 3 Hrs
Module-6 Quick Start: Lightning App Builder, Duplicate Management, Data Management, Event Monitoring, Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience 3 Hrs
Module-7 Shield Platform Encryption, Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience, Products, Quotes, & Contracts, Campaign Basics, Service Cloud Basics 3 Hrs
Module-8 Service Cloud for Lightning Experience, Knowledge Basics for Lightning Experience, Service Cloud Agent Productivity, Experience Cloud Basics, Build an Experience Cloud Site with Knowledge and Chat 3 Hrs
Module-9 Apex Basics & Database,API Basics,Visualforce Basics,Apex Testing, Asynchronous Apex 3 Hrs
Module-10 Apex Integration Services,Apex Specialist,Quick Start: Lightning Web Components, Set Up Your Lightning Web Components Developer Tools,Trailblazer Community Groups 3 Hrs
Course Outcomes:

CO-1 Enhance the degree with industry demanding skills and differentiate himself/herself in the Job Market.
CO-2 Describe the principles and architecture of cloud computing used in Salesforce to create more engaging marketing content and channels.
CO-3 Understand importance and role of customers on customer relationship management (CRM) platform to leverage customer, sales and market data.

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