National Service Scheme (NSS)


DATE   :   21ST JUNE 2023
TIME   :   9.30 AM
CO-ORDINATORS   :   Dr. V.Harish
Associate professor
Dept of Civil Engineering
PARTICIPANTS   :   50 faculty and 150 students were participated

On 21ST June 2023, East Point College of Engineering and Technology celebrated the 9th International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. The event attended by Principals, Department Heads and faculties of EPCET. All of whom demonstrated a keen interest in this ancient practice. The objective of this year’s celebration, themed “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” was to connect with a larger global community and promote the widespread adoption of yoga in every village in India.

The event commenced with a comprehensive introduction to Yoga Day by Dr Yogesh G S, Prof Sreedhar of Civil Department and Suresh, Sports Director. The program kicked off with warm-up exercises, during which all faculty members actively participated. They guided through various sitting and standing asanas, with simultaneous explanations of their significance. The instructors emphasized the importance of incorporating yoga into daily life and maintaining harmony between the body and mind. The session lasted for over an hour, witnessing active participation and engagement from all attendees. The yoga instructors provided detailed explanations of each pose and offered guidance on precautions to taken. Undoubtedly, it proved to be a successful event.

The celebration concluded with a token of appreciation by Dr Prakash S, presented to the Yoga Instructors . The felicitation acknowledged their valuable presence and support.

Under the supervision of Sports Director Mr. Suresh, along with Prof Sreedhar, the International Yoga Day celebrations reached a triumphant culmination. The event was executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impact on all participants. Vote of thanks was delivered by Prof Dr Maruthi G, expressing gratitude to all the individuals who contributed to the success of the program.

The 9th International Yoga Day at EPCET was an extraordinary event that brought together academic leaders, faculty members, and yoga enthusiasts. It successfully promoted the practice of yoga and its benefits, while also emphasizing its global significance. The event’s success can be attributed to the meticulous planning, active participation, and the dedication of the organizing team.

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