In- house Laboratories


Analog and digital electronics laboratory

Analog and digital electronics laboratory is well provided with different equipment like Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO), Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO), Regulated power supply, Digital and Analog meters of a wide range and digital trainer kits. This lab gives practical observation of the different characteristics of Electrical / Electronic elements when connected differently. It provides provision for students to design and analyse the digital circuit. Overall this laboratory provides a good foundation on Electrical/Electronic components and digital circuits to the students in the initial years.


Microcontroller Laboratory/HDL Laboratory

Microcontroller Laboratory/HDL Laboratory gives the idea of microcontrollers and its interfacing to peripheral devices. In this lab, the students are trained to write the programs for different manipulations with the microcontroller in Assembly Language/C programming. This lab is also useful for the students to know the interfacing of the microcontroller to different applications like display, control interface, etc. The students are also trained to write verilog code for various digital circuits, simulate the code and download the program on Spartan3 FPGA kit. The students also learn to interface external devices such as stepper motor, DC motor, seven segment display, hex keypad and so on with FPGA board.


Computer Networks Laboratory/DSP Laboratory

Computer Networks Laboratory/DSP LaboratoryThis lab is equipped with computers which are having various softwares installed in them to perform computations and simulation of networks. Major equipments include MatlabR2013a, Code Composer Studio 3.1, DSP TMS320C6748 hardware kits, NCTUNS Simulator, VMWare Virtual Machine and Dev C++ software. In this lab, students mainly focus on computing the transformations such as DFT, FFT of the signals, designing and developing different types of filters. This lab allows students to implement networking concepts and algorithms. Simulation of point to point network through nodes, routers, switches etc and analysis of various parameters is performed using NCTUNS Simulator.


Communication Laboratory

Communication Laboratory provides facility for students to implement different types of modulators and demodulators and various techniques used for the processing of the analog (continuous) and digital signals for transmission and reception. Major equipment includes microwave test bench with Klystron and Gunn diode source, microstrip source and components, Regulated Power supplies (RPS), Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), function generators and computers to simulate modulated and demodulated waveforms. The outcome of this laboratory is to make the students to understand the fundamentals of communication systems.


VLSI Laboratory /Embedded Systems Laboratory

VLSI Laboratory /Embedded Systems Laboratory focuses on fundamental and advanced principles of VLSI circuit design in digital and analog domain. This laboratory is used for conducting the UG/PG practical’s and to provide hands on design experience with professional design (EDA) platforms like cadence software tools. This laboratory has the 25 user license of cadence software tool. This laboratory also provides ARM Cortex M3 processor kits and keil μvision v3 software tools for developing embedded C programs used for interfacing external input output devices. It also helps students to implement assembly level programs for performing arithmetic, logical operations and manipulation of data.


Project/IOT Laboratory

Project/IOT Laboratory facilities computers, IOT boards such as Arduino UNO, nodeMCU and Raspberry pi board to support students in implementation of projects. The prime objective of this laboratory is to provide facilities to student’s community to do projects. The students are also provided with Wi-Fi facility to have access to internet and find out latest technological advancement to implement it in their project.


R&D Laboratory

R&D Laboratory provides facilities for research scholars and faculties to carryout research work. This laboratory has MATLAB licensed software with SIMULINK, communication, DSP system, image processing, signal processing, statistical and machine learning tool box to enable users to carry out research work in various domains. It also has an antenna analyzer that helps users to perform spectrum analysis of signals received from antenna connected to it.

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