Bhuvana Bhuvana N

"7thsem, Electronics and Communication Engineering My experience at EPCET has been very wonderful till now. It has been 3 years since I have joined the college and I have learned a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development. Faculty members have been supportive throughout

Sudhanshu Sudhanshu Sr

"IV Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering Life at EPCET is awesome. The relationship between faculty and student is very cordial and campus environment is very vibrant. EPCET giving us good classroom environment, cultural, technical events, sports etc. The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead.

Tejeshwini Tejeshwini H A

"II Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering It is believed that a person’s life is moulded at the early20s and it is very important to be at the right place. In that case, I’m glad that EPCET happened to me. Academic excellence along with the overall growth of the person is what the institution aims at. The college has been providing the best facilities and also has education friendly environment.

Bhanu Bhanu Prakash M C

"II Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering Being a student of Engineering it self is a challenging. This college provides with opportunities to work on your skill sets like participating in competitions, cultural events and also with some sports activities. The campus is very beautiful and has smart class rooms, a really good library and laboratories. Faculty is very supportive and friendly and will helps to figure out the things.

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