Harith G R (1EP16CS032)
Senior Systems Engineer-Infosys
Graduated year:2020

"It was an amazing experience to have been a part of EPCET. Looking back, I can certainly say that EPCET played an important role in shaping my career and critical thinking abilities. In addition to the regular VTU-based academics, the college provided a plethora of opportunities. Among these, the exceptional program was the introduction of IILP (Industry-Integrated Learning Program) courses, which provided exposure to modern, in-demand technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, UI Path, Salesforce, and many more. I actively participated in both academic and extracurricular activities, which helped me build my confidence and leadership skills while also allowing me to explore my hidden talents. The teaching staff was approachable and knowledgeable, enabling us to find solutions to our problems at any time, regardless of the complexity.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the training and placement department and our principal for providing us with diverse opportunities and bringing in suitable job descriptions from most companies. The college took the responsibility to provide placement opportunities to students even during the Covid pandemic and continued to support placements for our batch for over a year after graduation. This kind gesture of our college, along with its other virtues, has earned my eternal gratitude to my beloved college, EPCET. I will cherish the time I spent here and always support the college as a proud alumnus.

Neelam Nishad
Graduated year:2020

"A good University education is a valuable asset, which was provided to me by my college - EPCET. Every teacher helps their students in choosing their path and so did mine. I was being supported by EPCET faculties to try my highest potential and outshine from the rest. I achieved success in Central level competitive exams like Scientific officer in IMD, SSC CGLE and SC Junior Court Assistant. During my journey EPCET played a crucial role in my life and I am glad to be part of EPGI.

Sudarshan P(1EP16CS103)
Senior systems engineer-Infosys
Graduated year:2020

"I can confidently tell EPCET has given me the right opportunity to shape my career and moulded me as a better engineer and a good human being in society. The faculties are one of the finest in today's education sector, continuously motivating and pushing us forward to achieve our goals. And, if there's one thing EPCET offers any student is, opportunities. I grabbed it and utilized it to the fullest.

Shreya M(1EP17CS082)
Xcellerate CS Analyst-Labcorp
Graduated year:2021

"I'm a proud CSE graduate from EPCET. It has tremendously helped me to become who I am today and achieve everything that I have accomplished. My journey in EPCET especially with the department of CSE has been extremely joyful and I have got to learn so much about everything.

Pavan Kumar D S (1EP17CS057)
Associate Software Engineer- Light & Wonder
Graduated year:2021

"It was indeed an amazing experience to have been part of EPCET. Looking back, I can certainly say that EPCET was the milestone in shaping my career. Along with academics, plethora of opportunities are made available by the college. Among those, the exceptional program was introducing IILP courses which provided the corporate exposure, moulding us into Professional Engineers. Being active part of both academic and extracurricular activities, not just polished my technical skills but also boosted my confidence that improved my personality as well. The teaching staff was approachable such that we could easily find solutions to our problems.
Lastly, I owe it to the training and placement department and our principal for having presented us with diverse opportunities by bringing in suitable job descriptions from most of the companies. I was fortunate enough to bag multiple offers with handsome package. I shall always remain in gratitude and merry for having graduated from EPCET which gave me a platform to inculcate, showcase and groom my skills.

Devnath Reddy Motati (1EP18CS059)
M.S student at University of New Haven
Graduated year:2022

"During my time at EPCET, I had the privilege of being part of a vibrant educational community that offered a well-rounded educational experience. The curriculum, based on VTU standards, provided a solid foundation in my chosen field of study while also encouraging holistic development. In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the teaching faculty of EPCET for being a significant part of my academic and personal journey. It has been an amazing experience, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities, knowledge, and support I received during my time here.

Deepthi (1EP19CS020)
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst – DELL
Graduated year:2023

"East Point definitely moulded me and gave me the confidence to face the outside world. Though most of my college life went in online classes, I learnt a lot of skills and we were given couple of opportunities and courses to always keep up skilling. My college life was filled with opportunities and adventures which thought me many skills which helped me in facing the corporate life. Teachers always believed in us and motivated us to do more.

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