Research & Development

Research Scholars pursuing PhD in EPCET

Sl. No Name of the Research Guide Name of the Research candidate Name of the University Area of Study Research Centre
1 Dr. Anitha N Bindiya A J VTU Computer Vision based Human Pose estimation using Deep Learning EPCET- Research & development Center
2 Dr. Anitha N Indumathi S VTU A Load Balance in Fog Computing environment using Deep Learning EPCET- Research & development Center
3 Dr. C Emilin Shyni Rebecca Sandra VTU Personalized Recommendation system for E-Learning using Deep Learning EPCET- Research & development Center
4 Dr. Josephine Prem Kumar Divya U H VTU Effective Detection of Abnormal Human Behaviour from A Live Surveillance Video Stream EPCET- Research & development Center
5 Dr. Josephine Prem Kumar Kesavan M V VTU Efficient Optimization and implementation of Classification Algorithms on Hadoop MapReduce Framework for large data sets EPCET- Research & development Center
6 Dr. B R Prasad Babu Ravi Kumar M VTU Polarity based Routing Scheme in Vehicular Adhoc Networks EPCET- Research & development Center
7 Dr. Ramachandra A C Nithyananda C R VTU Adaptive Image Enhancement Algorithms for aerial, spaceborne and medical imagery. EPCET- Research & development Center
8 Dr. Josephine Prem Kumar Manimegalai A VTU An efficient Content bases image retrieval system using CNN EPCET- Research & development Center
9 Dr. Chandramouli H Shwetha K S VTU A Scalable Memory Management Technique for Hadoop Map Reduce Environment. EPCET- Research & development Center
10 Dr. Chandramouli H Vasantha M VTU Data Locality Aware Virtual Machine Allocation for Data Intensive Application on Cloud Environment EPCET- Research & development Center
11 Dr. Anitha N Nandini Gowda P VTU Workload Optimization of Task Scheduling on Fog Computing with Internet of Things (IoTs) EPCET- Research & development Center
12 Dr. Anitha N Jayashree M VTU Evaluation of Performance Metrics for the Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease using Machine Learning Algorithms. EPCET- Research & development Center
13 Dr. I. Manimozhi Sowmya.L VTU Ensemble Machine Learning Model for Health Informatics EPCET- Research & development Center
14 Dr. I. Manimozhi Suresha.s VTU Agricultural Disease Prediction using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning EPCET- Research & development Center
15 Dr. Nagraj Kangana W M VTU Machine Learning based bid data analytics for stock market predictions EPCET- Research & development Center

Research Projects

Sl. No Name of the research project/ endowment Name of the Principal Investigator / Co-investigator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Name of the Funding Agency
1 Cyberbullying and Phishing Detection on Social-Media
  1. Dr. C Emilin Shyni
  2. Vishnu Vardhan M S (1EP19CS101)
  3. Sandhya M (1EP19CS082)
  4. Sunny Kumar Sharma (1EP19CS095)
  5. Prajwal (1EP19CS069)
2022-2023 4000 KSCST
2 5-Days Workshops on Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Agriculture
  1. Dr. I. Manimozhi (PI)
  2. Dr. T K. Sateesh (CO PI)
2021-2022 25000 KSTA
3 Anomaly Detection System for Prevention of False Data Injection in Agriculture 4.0
  1. Dr. C Emilin Shyni
  2. Adriano Jose (1EP18CS003)
  3. Girish Kumar R (1EP18CS031)
  4. Janvee Dixit (1EP18CS037)
  5. Motati Devnath Reddy (1EP18CS059)
2021-2022 5000 VTU
4 Predictive Analysis of Drugs for Covid-19
  1. Dr. I. Manimozhi
  2. A. Harshith (1EP18CS001)
  3. Jashwanth R (1EP18CS039)
  4. Kishan Gowda (1EP18CS045)
  5. Suprith S V (1EP18CS104)
2021-2022 5000 VTU
5 An Effective Stress Burst Method of Emotion-based Auto Music Play using CNN for Quarantine and Self-Isolation People
  1. Dr. I. Manimozhi (PI)
  2. Dr. T K. Sateesh (CO PI)
2020-2021 5000 VTU
6 Analysis and Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Using Machine Learning Techniques
  1. Dr. C. Emilin Shyni (PI)
  2. Dr. T K. Sateesh (CO PI)
2020-2021 5000 VTU

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