Pradumna Srivastava
Mechanical Engineering Department
(2018-2022 Batch)

"I am happy to be a product of this esteemed institution. EPCET not only provides a platform to enrich academically but also emphasizes on the all-around development of the student. It provided a lot of opportunities for students to showcase their talents, which included sports and activities both individually and as a group. The campus, the labs, the workshops have always been Interactive and knowledgefull. These activities create a very pleasant and enriching atmosphere for students as well as teachers as we enjoy it a lot. The professors here make the college what it is today. I am indeed gratefull to EPCET for the most splendid journey of my life which got me in a Top-notch company”DHL” as a senior Executive.

K. Rohit
Mechanical Engineering Department
(2016-2020 Batch)

"When I’m asked to look back at my four years journey in EPCET, so many wonderful memories and I’m really grateful to have amazing professors and non-teaching staffs for supporting me in this journey. I had a wonderful experience at GTRE, Prototype fabrication group where I learnt a lot which I could easily relate it to my academics, I would like to thank my department HOD for his constant support and guidance. I’m happy to say that, the teaching and career guidance by the professors really helped me a lot and to perform well in my academics.
Coming to the training and placement, I’m thankful to TPO for his efforts and constantly motivating us and It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have been placed in few companies in the campus placement drive.Lastly, I would like to thank my parents and friends for their support.
Learn Grow and Explore.

Apurba Deb
Mechanical Engineering Department
(2016-2020 Batch)

My name is Apurba Deb, I completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering, from East Point College of Engineering and Technology. My experience in East point group of institution was challenging but rewarding. My degree in mechanical engineering has not only given me theoretical knowledge but also provided me with practical knowledge and also taught me the importance of the subject in real life.
East point not only focuses on academics but also helps everyone grow as a responsible individual and help them in being confident by providing ‘n’ number of co-curricular activities.
At the end I would like to thank our Chairman for giving all the opportunities as a student, our principal Dr. Prakash S for guiding us, our department HOD Dr. Harish Anand K S for always being so supportive and all the faculty of mechanical department for always being there for us and helping us.
Four years of engineering in East Point College of engineering and technology was a reward.
Thank you

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