In- house Laboratories


Database Management System Lab

Database Management Systems Lab: This laboratory course enables students to get practical experience in design, develop, implement, analyze and evaluation/testing of Asymptotic performance of algorithms , Linear data structures and their applications such as stacks, queues and lists, Non-Linear data structures and their applications such as trees and graphs, Sorting and searching algorithms.


Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

Design Analysis and Algorithms Lab: This Lab will enable students to Foundation knowledge in database concepts, technology and practice to groom students into well-informed database application developers. Strong practice in SQL programming through a variety of database problems. Develop database applications using front-end tools and back-end DBMS.


Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab: In Analog and Digital Electronics lab, students can gain the knowledge of designing analog and digital electronic circuits, which they can understanding the hardware and simulation. The students can understand the photo electronics devices, 555 timer IC, Regulator ICs and uA741. The students can make use of simplifying techniques in the design of combinational circuits. The students can illustrate combinational and sequential digital circuits and demonstrate the use of flipflops and apply for registers. They can design and test counters, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog conversion techniques. They can gain knowledge of simulation tools such as PSPICE, Xilinx and Modelsim.


Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Lab

Microcontroller and Embedded Systems lab: In MCES lab, the students can understand the fundamentals of ARM-based systems, including programming modules with registers and the CPSR. They can use the various instructions to program the ARM controller. They can do program various embedded components using the embedded C program. They can Identify various components, their purpose, and their application to the embedded system's applicability. They can understand the embedded system's real-time operating system and its application in IoT. Students can understand the hardware architecture of ARMLPC2148 and they can gain the knowledge the how input and output devices will be interfaced in to microcontroller. They can demonstrate the real time embedded IOT projects and they can exhibit their innovative ideas.


Full Stack Development Lab

Full Stack Development Lab: The Full Stack Development Lab Development Lab aims to equip students with a comprehensive skill set in web development. Students will learn the intricacies of web development, including configuring web services. They will gain a deep understanding of user interface functionalities, enabling them to design user-friendly and visually appealing applications. Additionally, students will learn to create, modify, and query databases, a fundamental aspect of data management. The lab also delves into the implementation of various data sharing methods using services, providing students with a holistic understanding of web development, from UI design to efficient data handling.

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